Behind the Smile, the story of Lek, a bargirl in Pattaya

The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya
'Daddy's Hobby'

Book Signing and Other Services

Owen Jones book signing

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Click this link to see the offer if there are still books left. I want one!

There are 6 copies left I can sign

I live in a remote Thai village - few people in the world will ever have heard of or even of the largest cities within fifty miles of it.

I also travel to Pattaya and to my home in Wales from time to time. I mention this only because it makes book signing rather difficult.

Some people, quite a few in fact, collect books signed by authors whose work they like and some of these collectors have been kind enough to add my books to their collection.

However, getting them signed is almost impossible for the above reasons. Therefore, I have come up with a compromise which may suit some people.

I am willing to sign any message you like and send it to any address in the world for $9.99 just to cover expenses.

Simply click the link below and enter your short messagees into the details box on the PayPal order form.

I will try to use my fountain pen at all times, but I cannot guarantee it.

Only one restriction: please don't ask me to sign a confession to any crimes :-)

If you would like one of the notebooks that I use every day to jot down my ideas, rough out my stories, and write my articles, I have a few.

There aren't many, but they are about 30-40 double sided pages long.

They contain all sorts of things in my own handwriting. It will be signed and the writings will be dated.

$50 a book inclusive of p&p - as a bonus, an autographed message goes free to stick in your book.

First come, first served, but there are not many - I write maybe one a month. When I am down to my last three, the price will double to $100 each.

I will authenticate them too, of course.

Signed Copies

I have a few copies of the first two books in the 'Behind The Smile Smile' series, 'Daddy's Hobby' and 'An Exciting Future' that I can sign and dedicate. They are a little more expensive, because I had to have them shipped from America to me, and I will post them on to you.

Please note that these are the ones sold by Amazon and their printers, CreateSpace.

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