Behind the Smile, the story of Lek, a bargirl in Pattaya

The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya
'Daddy's Hobby'

Buddhism in Thailand
Behind The Smile

~ the Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya, Thailand ~

Buddhism in Thailand

This section contains some background to Behind The Smile with regard to the predominant religion in Thailand - Theravada Buddhism.

Many readers like to know more than most books tell, so I have put these articles here for those who know not so much about Thailand.

by Owen Jones

 self-publishing behind the smile

  1. Death in a Thai Buddhist Village
    Death in a Thai Buddhist village can be very upsetting for a lage percentage of the community even though they are Buddhist. Cme read why that may be so ...
  2. Short History of Buddhism
    The attitude of the girls in 'Behind The Smiles' has a lot to do with their Buddhist beliefs. This page gives a short history of Buddhism.
  3. Monks and Thai Buddhist Temples
    Monks and Thai Buddhist Temples are even a more common sight in Thailand than a church and a vicar in an English village
  4. Land of Smiles
    Thailand is often known as the Land of Smiles, which gives an idea of the hospitality of the people of Thailand. Come read more about the Land of Smiles

by +Owen Jones



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