Behind the Smile, the story of Lek, a bargirl in Pattaya

The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya
'Daddy's Hobby'

Most Men Would Still Be Living In Caves...

My father used to say that if it were not for women, most men would still be living in caves. By this he was saying that men have to keep women happy in order to curry their favour and women want to have more than their neighbours.

Most Men Would Still Be Living In Caves...

Most Men Would Still Be Living In Caves

Therefore, when you get a row of similar houses, one woman will want her house to look different from her neighbours so she will plague her husband to, say, put in a fish pond. So he does it, but that causes their neighbours to dig deeper and wider ponds. Some houses would have lakes, if they had the room!

One family adds a lean-to to their house and, pretty soon, you will see extensions going up all around. However, most unmarried men would have been happy enough with the house that they had bought originally, which means that most men would still be living in caves.

This makes women the instigators of improvements in living conditions, even if they are not the people who get the actual work done. The motivation is one-upmanship on the part of women and sex and peace and quiet on the part of men.

If this is true, and I haven't seen anything to contradict it in fifty years, it means that the male's desire for sex is why most things get done and the female's desire to be better than her neighbours using the threat of withholding sex is the prime motivator.

When you look at it, it works in other aspects of family life too. For example, father is a carpenter with a small business. He is doing all right and sees no reason why his son should not become a carpenter as well. However, mother has other aspirations for little Johnny.

Her friend's son is going to follow his father into the firm of solicitors where he works. This means that Johnny may not become a carpenter, he has to be at least a solicitor or perhaps a barrister.

The example I have given is for working class families, but I have read a story where a mother was devastated because her son became a teacher, when she had wanted him to eventually become a High Court Judge.

Everyone has heard of 'Tiger Mothers' and woman who push their children towards the stage for the reflected limelight. The same is true of sports stars, although fathers seem to be just as much to blame in sports. Perhaps, the mother is pushing the father in the background.

As they say, behind every great man is a great woman.

It is the same story why a simple working-class man or boy would want fame and fortune, but seen from a different angle. Famous people get sex on a plate and rich people have more chance of finding a partner than poor men, no matter what they look like.

Money and power are a well-known aphrodisiac for women because it ensures a better future for their children. It means that their children will rise in society, even if mothers do say that they only want their offspring to be happy.

As Dad said, most men would still be living in caves, if it were not for women.

by +Owen Jones



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