Behind the Smile, the story of Lek, a bargirl in Pattaya

The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya
'Daddy's Hobby'

Thai Village Life for the Young

There is not much in a Thai village to hold the youth. Education is better now than it ever has been and that, coupled with the TV and the cinema has persuaded young people to want more than is available locally.

Thai Village Life for the Young

The Problems of Thai Women Married to Foreigners

This is probably happening all over the world, although in Europe the migration is often blamed on the lack of affordable housing in villages. in Thailand the youth grows up in a village of farmers, knowing that there will be nothing there for them when the grow up.

Not only that, but mechanisation has meant that there are fewer and fewer jobs available every year. In the West, a disaffected youth has led to gangs of young hooligans terrorising inner city centres and parents losing control.

However, despite the similarity of circumstances, the results in Thailand are not the same. There is nowhere near the same level of youth violence and crime in Thailand as there is in the West and crime in the villages just does not exist, although one's definition of crime is the deciding factor.

I have lived in a remote Thai village for eight years and I have never heard of any street violence or house-breaking at all - ever!. People don't leave their doors open any more like they used to, but no-one has a burglar alarm unless you count a dog.

My pet hate - and only hate really - is that parents allow young, really young boys to drive motor-bikes around at break-neck speeds, knowing that they are uninsured.

Many boys of eight years or so drive motor-bikes or scooters and many of them have modified the exhaust pipe to create as much noise as possible. When these kids come home from school, the quiet village is transformed into a noisy speedway, until they are sent o bed at about seven or eight o'clock.

Girls never do this. Sure, girls ride motor-bikes too, but slowly and they usually need the bike to carry the shopping home with. Thai village girls are always polite and would not want to draw attention to themselves like the boys try to do.

This changes when girls get to about 18 when they become more aloof.

Boys or many of them are rude until they get to about 25-26 years of age, when they revert to polite human beings again. Grandparents are largely responsible for this state of affairs. They treat girls like they were treated: to be helpful and polite; but they treat boys like princes.

This has a lovely affect on Thai girls but a terrible affect on Thai boys.

The affect on Thai boys is so marked that many people say that girls are grown up by the age of 17-18, but boys not until they are 25-26, when it finally sinks in that the rest of the world won't put up with their selfish antics like their grandparents did.

However, stubborn, arrogant and lazy as some Thai boys often are, they are not violent or a threat to other members of the village community, which is a lot to be grateful for, when you look at Western inner cities.

Copied with kind permission from An Exciting Future, the second book in this series.

by Owen Jones



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