Behind the Smile, the story of Lek, a bargirl in Pattaya

The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya
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'Behind The Smile'

~ The Story of Lek, a Thai Bar Girl in Pattaya, Thailand ~

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by Owen Jones

unsolicited testimonials

the real thailand

by Glyn
for Daddy's Hobby
on Amazon UK
at July 21, 2013

there is so much more to thailand than beaches and bars, and owen captures this perfectly in this book.
from nervous first meetings to life changing events lek takes you through every emotion, her hopes,her fears and her dreams for the future.
if you have ever sat in a hostess bar in thailand, or if you are planning to do so in the future then this book will open your eyes to what is happening around you.
with believable characters and a storyline that reflects the experiences of many western visitors to thailand this book is a pleasure to read, as well as a great reference book for your first/next visit to thailand.



The Smile Hides All.

by The Smile Hides All.
from uk
for Daddy's Hobby
on Amazon US
at June 28, 2013

Though this story purports to be fiction the tale is all to like real life as to be a biographical novel. It's the harrowing story of a young girl who's father gets into debt leaving her the one to redeem the family honour and repay it all. She takes employment in a bar in Pattaya, an area of Thailand.

These girls dance for and with the tourists and are often expected to provide what's known as extra services. The heroine of the book has to soulsearch her actions and consider her relationship towards family, friends and even certain of the customers. Many of the girls dream of meeting a rich tourist and getting married, but what they regard as rich and what may be a different reality in the customers own country aren't things that Lek thinks about.

When Lek meets and falls in love with a customer she has a struggle deciding whether she can give up the sexual freedom and her financial independence to remain with him.After all, she's had ten years of life without the problem of caring for someone else. You will read of all Lek's trial and tribulations and how she agonises over the decisions life asks her to make.

This is an excellent book written by an ex-pat who obviously knows his onions and has spent a lot of time researching his subject.Hard going at times, you'll find this a book of great depth. Very enjoyable.



Thai Life

by Thai Life
for Daddy's Hobby
on Amazon US
at June 27, 2013

Another good and interesting book about the Land of Smiles well worth reading and taking note of. The author has a very indepth knowledge made apparent in this book.




fantastic read not to be missed...

by fantastic read not to be missed...
for Daddy's Hobby
on Amazon UK
at May 24, 2013

As a middle aged man I often visit thailand , whether its in the north of the south , this book has ingnited a smile back on my face , and I would like to thank owen for writing this book , if you are looking for a great read with fantastic and open jaw chapters then this is one book you should not miss out on ..10/10



I do not know bar girls in Pattaya, so this is only about what I read as fiction. Lek "drifts" into the sex industry, but it is glossed over for the part about being a cashier in a bar. It wouldn't seem the sex industry was so easy to get out of, and all of that is secondary to the budding love story. The love story has strong points and would be full of conflict. Good luck!

Maythemachinebewithyou 31/5/13




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